Writer's Wednesdays - One Strong Paragraph

This week's prompt was to write one paragraph that strongly evokes a certain emotion. I was going to attempt humor, but I couldn't come up with anything, so I tried my hand at some thriller/horror.

I never like having to go down into the basement, especially not in the middle of the night, but the noise we heard couldn’t be ignored. I was still groggy and half asleep, but my wife was too frightened to go back to sleep. She begged me to check it out. I slipped into a pair of sweatpants and made my way down the stairs in the dark. I felt a hand grab me by the shoulder. Which caused me to jump. She couldn’t stay by herself, so she had decided to come with me. I tried to calm my nerves, but now I was on edge. When I flipped on the basement light, the bulb blew, so I grabbed a flashlight out of the kitchen drawer. The basement felt abnormally cold, and as I neared the bottom of the steps, I thought I could hear something down there. Breathing. A raspy, labored breathing. I shined the light around but saw nothing except my fogged breath in the light. Then, I felt a slight wind, as if something had just passed in front of me. My fogged breath was swept aside by an invisible hand. I jumped back, my wife catching me. That’s when my brain finally woke fully. The realization didn’t dawn on me until I felt her cold hand against my back. I wasn’t married.